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Captools Company develops and licenses portfolio management software for investment record keeping and performance reporting. Our products are designed for investment firms, investment advisors, investment advisor reps, fund managers, family offices and for others entrusted with managing significant investment assets.


Our product, Captools/net tm, is an open data base compliant SQL based, scalable multi-user portfolio management system that runs on your computer or server, under your control, facilitating RIA compliance with SEC record-keeping requirements under SEC Rule 204-2(c).   Captools/net incorporates time-saving features important to professional money managers, such as automated custodian data import interfaces, highly customizable automated reporting, portfolio re-balancing and trade generation, flexible fee billing and client contact management. Optional features include multi-currency support and pooled funds accounting for hedge funds and other pooled funds investment situations such as family partnerships,limited liability corporations, and trust funds.


Captools/net provides the investment manager with a complete set of return on investment performance measures and performance reporting for client presentation and to assist in providing the manager with feedback on investment selection and timing.  ROI's can be computed using both *AIMR/GIPS-capable time weighted and dollar weighted internal rate of return methods.  ROI's can be computed for individual securities, groups of securities, portfolios or groups of portfolios, before and after taxes and before and after commissions and fees.  Captools/net computations and reports also generate alpha, beta, standard deviation, correlation and other performance and risk related statistics versus user-specified market indices, including a variety of user specifiable synthetic indices.


Captools/net investment cost bases tracking simplify capital gains reporting, lower tax accounting costs, and can reduce capital gains taxes. Specific, average, FIFO, LIFO tax lots are supported. The specific lot method provides an automated tax lot assignment function allowing the manager to select whether to minimize taxes or maximize gains (for loss offsets) when securities held in separate lots are liquidated. Tax rate tables are customizable for each portfolio to allow for differing tax rates and changes in tax laws. Allowance has been made for Canadian and other non-U.S. users, including support for Canadian average cost basis and optional cost basis indexing.


Captools/net offers a high level of flexibility to construct reports to meet diverse needs. Selecting from hundreds of data fields and dozens of report and charting templates, an almost limitless variety of reports can be constructed. Reports may be readily generated using data merged from multiple related client accounts and encrypted for dissemination via email, website or printed format.  Captools/net supports all commonly used numeric and date formats and provides customizable report headers and labels to accommodate non-English language reporting.


Captools Company, located near Seattle, Washington, draws from over 20 years experience in delivering leading edge investment portfolio management software to thousands of individual and professional investors, including dozens of countries around the world.  We are committed to providing serious investors with the tools needed to achieve superior returns.


*AIMR and GIPS are registered service marks of the CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research ("AIMR")). Captools Company is not affiliated with the CFA Institute and the CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by Captools Company (a Washington State corporation).




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