Remote Hosted

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For any of the single user, small office or large office models, your Captools/net server installation can be on a virtual machine remotely hosted on-line by a third party remote hosting solution provider in a "cloud-like" manner.  Although remote hosting will involve additional expense, it will give you the advantages of 24/7 operation, system backups, IT oversight, resource scalability, as well as accessibility from any location with broadband access, a plus for those who travel often or maintain multiple offices.





In the remote hosted scenario, you can install and run the Captools/net Desktop on your local machine and access the Captools/net Server via your internet connection using secure SSL and HTTPS protocols.  You can alternatively access a copy of the Captools/net Desktop running on the remote machine using Windows Remote Desktop Connection (if supported by your remote hosting company) or via the VPN connection provided by your remote hoster.