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Captools Company provides telephone and email support to named support contact persons on current "Pro" and "Enterprise" licenses.  All licensees are granted one named  support contact; additional contact can be designated subject to a licensing surcharge.


In order to support an authorized support contact person, our support staff may request that you establish a "remote host" link to your computer, via the remote host command that appears on both the Captools/net Server Control Panel and Captools/net Desktop:




The remote host is implemented using a secure https communication protocol.  Your staff may additionally, optionally specify that sensitive "private" client information (e.g. SS#, Names, etc.) be obscured during the remote session as an additional precaution. Since the remote host tool is essential to our being able to efficiently provide support we require that licensees have broadband internet connectivity and be able to connect with the remote host tool.


Captools/net Server Machine Access - At least one person in your organization who generally runs the Captools/net software should have either direct or remote access to your server machine which is hosting the Captools/net server side applications.  Although this access may only be needed occasionally, it is essential to perform operations like data conversion (initially), specifying data paths, executing data backups and restores, and resetting Captools/net services applications.  The person(s) who has/(have) this access should also be the person(s) who is/(are) one of the designated support callers for Captools/net.  If your organization's security policy limits server access only to IT staff, we will require you to designate one such staff member as a second support caller (additional charge).  Alternatively you can consider installing the Captools/net server applications on a non-IT locked down machine, but configured to backup daily to a server or drive covered by your system backups.


Overseas Users - With the availability of Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone calling, the cost of calling for support is no longer a significant barrier for users outside of the United States.  We will gladly assist you and in some cases can make provision for support somewhat outside of our normal hours to in order to deal with the time zone differences.  We have the ability to support "Skype" to "Skype" calls and "chat" sessions, but request that users wanting this service to advise us in advance by email or other means to ensure we have it activated when they call.


Installation Support - We will generally be able to provide support to new users to install the Captools/net Server Suite on qualified computer systems (i.e. right hardware/operating system configurations) through the remote assistance tool.  However, in some cases we have encountered some systems that have operating system malfunctions (e.g. IIS component does not work) or which have conflicts due to security software or other software residing on their systems.  In these cases, fixing these issues are outside the scope of the support we can offer and we will advise you to get these issues resolved independently or to find another qualified system on which to install the software.  Call-in support for more than one Captools/net server installation within your annual renewal cycle will also be subject to an additional support charge. We accordingly encourage licensees to plan to install on the best available hardware at the time of initial installation.


Summer Schedule - Captools Co. sales and support maintains a summer schedule during which we are closed on some Fridays in addition to the usual U.S. holidays.