Captools/net Desktop

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One trade-off that designers of many server-based software applications make is to require the user to do all data viewing and editing through a web-browser interface.  While web-browsers are good at presenting information to a user, they are not particularly good at allowing the user to interact with the information on screen because the entire webpage generally has to be refreshed to display changes.  


In recognition that investment management is necessarily data intensive, Captools/net provides users with an MS-Windows type "Desktop" application for viewing and editing data.  This interface uses an intuitive hierarchical tabbed access scheme to give you access to the data tables:




In the Captools/net Desktop, data can be entered directly into the grid, or can be entered into each record through an "edit" form.  The edit form for client and account records combine fields from both the client and the client's accounts into a single tabbed form so as to allow the user to easily access needed information:




Portfolio records in the Captools/net desktop provide sufficient detail to handle virtually any type of security and transaction:




Additional functional detail is available in Captools/net "Help documentation".