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Captools/net is a licensed software product.  A license may be acquired by eligible entities via payment of the first year licensing fee following submittal of licensing declaration paperwork by the prospective licensee and acceptance of same by Captools Company.  Licensees are subject to the licensee terms they acknowledge upon installation of the software (similar to "terms" ) as well as any terms and limitations indicated in the licensing declaration/purchase agreement documents submitted in conjunction with their request for licensing.  Licensing charges are based upon the software level licensed as well as the number of users, accounts and other records to be handled by the software.  An annual licensing fee will be levied upon the anniversary of the license initiation, the level of which will also depend upon program level and number of users, accounts, and record activity at the time of renewal.  


Pricing - Current license pricing rates are provide under Captools/net Features.



Trial License


Competing systems or services that offer you a short webinar and then ask you to pull out your checkbook for a big payment.  We feel that such on-line sessions cannot adequately inform the prospective user what it will be like to use the software, and is kind of like getting married based upon a single one-time on-line chat.  We offer an inexpensive short term 60-day "trial" license, with full on-line support, to allow you to get fully familiar with our software, using your actual data, rather than making a big upfront commitment (i.e. more like the traditional dating before marriage).


You may order the trial by calling our sales staff at 800 826 8082 or email requesting a trial invoice.